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Best Commercial Case Lawyer In Abu Dhabi

Binyarouf Advocates Pleading and defending you in all commercial cases assigned to us before all judicial entities in the UAE, whether in your capacity as claimants or defendants. The pleading will be before all UAE courts of different types and grades, through the specialized departments of the office.

Our qualified advisors in legal commercial field in Abu Dhabi guide to solve the commercial disputes between its principals and their litigants amicably by using the policy of reaching amicable settlement and expedite the collection of claim amounts to avoid the long legal procedures.

Binyarouf Advocates is your " BUSINESS COMPASS" when you need top commercial lawyer and expert to handle your commercial legal matters in Abu Dhabi and following-up such cases:

Financial claims ( Outstanding invoices , due payment , due amounts ....) plus The remedy for such a claims

Appointment of experts in commercial cases: refer matters to court-appointed experts for findings of fact in a variety of areas, including:

  • Finance.
  • Accounting.
  • Construction.
  • Other technical matters.

Dispute relates to the construction and real estate execution and development .

Contracts, banks loan and financial disputes.

The annulment of all sorts of contracts

Commercial disputes relates to Trade licenses.

Debt collection.

Commercial Companies law field - the following legal and drafting services :

  • Formulation and review services for all types of commercial contracts including electronic contracts, which need adjustment and editing thereof, and specialized in develop the terms of the companies statutes as registration and incorporation procedure for new company, make the articles of incorporation, partnership contracts, agreements and contracts of technical exchange and technical support, sale and purchase agreements.
  • high expertise in the field of companies' liquidation, bankruptcy-related.

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