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Legal Solution for Bounced Check in Abu Dhabi

Under UAE law, Bouncing a cheque is a misdemeanour that could be punished by jail or a fine, depending on the nature of the case and the amount. Bounced cheque issues may arise in a variety of commercial transactions, including but not limited to, companies’ exchanges, bank loans, property rents or purchases and individual transactions. Binyarouf Advocates is prepared in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to assist you with seeking recovery from these kinds of offenders and the fraud they perpetrate. Don’t let your business take the loss. Let us pursue your rights and remedies.

And beyond that ,The legal team at Binyarouf Advocates law firm pursue civil actions and uses every resource available to pursue your right to collect the debt owed under checks written with insufficient funds. Schedule your appointment with us by calling +971 50 733 4500 or visiting our online contact page. Our office has available parking and access to public transportation, as well as flexible hours for appointments.

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